We focus on a business that will be sustainable in the long term, and then we must work targeted with a number of questions. We do! But we can not do everything at once. In order to get help with the priority and to make sure that we concentrate on the most important issues, we have identified, in dialogue with our stakeholders (customers, employees, owners, suppliers, etc.) four main areas. We shall:

• Always expand and improve the offer (for example with more sustainable products)
• Actively contribute to a socially sustainable society (CSR)
• Minimize your business's negative impact (such as energy consumption and waste management)
• Permanent sustainability-related requirements for suppliers and other business partners (including ethics, human rights and working conditions)
Four focus areas for sustainable development
THE BEAUTY SHOP 'focus areas for sustainability are sustainable offerings, community engagement, sustainable supply chain and sustainable business. Of these four, a sustainable offer and community commitment are the areas where we can create the most value, and where

THE BEAUTY SHOP should be leading.

THE BEAUTY SHOP team have a long tradition of combining business benefit with community benefit. Social responsibility is thus part of our history and an important part of our work in the future.